Getting to Know Our School:

My name is Aimee Campbell and as Sagaponack’s Head Teacher, I would like to welcome you to the Sagaponack School. Although this is my first year at Sagaponack, I grew up “down the road” in Amagansett. I am New York State certified in both elementary and special education and possess a Master of Arts in Elementary Education and Special Education from Manhattanville College. I also have a Master of Arts in Archaeology from Washington State University and had a career as an archaeologist both in the Northwest and Manhattan. My previous teaching experiences were in Connecticut and Louisiana where I served as an elementary and special education teacher specializing in early literacy. I have taught in both resource and inclusion classrooms for grades Kindergarten through fourth grade. Last year, my classroom was composed of several grade levels that encompassed of a variety of learning styles and abilities. This experience has made for a smooth transition to our one room school house here at Sagaponack.

Our faculty also includes a seasoned teacher, Mr. Terry Scammell, who has his Master of Arts in Elementary Education and Special Education and is certified in elementary, special education, and physical education. Mrs. Katherine Lombardo, our Teaching Assistant, who also has a Masters in Elementary and Special Education. In addition, we have a very dedicated and talented District Clerk, Mrs. Jeanette Krempler, who also serves as our school secretary. Together with a very supportive Board of Trustees, we work to provide a high-quality education for all the students who attend Sagaponack School.

The value of a one-room school house is the intimate bonds and close relationships that are formed between teachers, students, and parents. Within a small physical environment, our students share space, materials, and supplies and are encouraged to work together as they rely on each other to take ownership of their school and learning. Students share, create, and grow both individually and as a group. With a small student population, teachers are able to make lasting connections with students through their years at the Sagaponack School. We work together to take learning beyond the curriculum and to expand our students’ knowledge because we have the flexibility and time to investigate and develop topics more intensively.

Sagaponack School is the pride of Sagaponack and the love for the school can be felt when you walk through our doors. The shared vision for the future of the school by the Board of Trustees, superintendent, teachers, students, parents, and community members make Sagaponack School a hidden gem in the Hamptons. Students flourish here and when they leave Sagaponack their strong bonds to the school and continued pride last a lifetime. As can often be heard throughout the community...
“Once a Sagg kid, always a Sagg kid!”